A dog fan of the Strasbourg football team

The story begins two years ago, when the Demir family is quietly watching television. That evening is a moving film featuring a dog What’s on the air: Hatchi. So moving that it made the father of the family, Omer, want to adopt a dog and this although he has always been scared to death.

It was the next day while browsing through the advertisements on Le Bon coin, that one jumped out at them: “Vend Husky named Hatchi”. It didn’t take much for the family to bring this young Husky at home. It was a radical change for Omer who had never had a dog until now. Moreover, he explains himself to France 3 Alsace that at the beginning it was not easy to create a relationship with his dog : « Pfor two months it was horrible, he was completely amorphous. It’s simple: he stayed in his corner. »

It was only when Omer brought in a ball that Hatchi started playing with it, much to his delight. maitre. Omer attests that it is from this moment that they became: ” the best friends in the world “. He pursues : « He freaked out with the ball. It suits me, I don’t have a son. My two daughters don’t like it and my wife is downright anti-football. Hatchi is like a son, that’s it. At least I have someone to watch the games with”

He even assures France 3 Alsace region that his companion watches TV and that he even shouts loup when Strasbourg score a goal. Even if Omer admits that it took him a good education before arriving at this result: « When Racing scores, it plays the wolf. Ok, I help him a little, I give him a little sign. We repeated that 10, 15 times. It’s work but it worked. »

It therefore seemed obvious to Omer that Hatchi had to go to the stadium of the Maino. Friends of his working in the green spaces of the city of Strasbourg therefore made them enter discreetly into the enclosure: « I remember it was two days before the rise in Ligue 1 against Dijon. We were like crazy” says Omer. On the other hand, we will not know if Hatchi will have marked his territory on the lawn of the Maino.

Hatchi doesn’t just attend RC games Strasbourg-Alsace but also to those of his master who plays in the amateur division. He remains wise to watch his maitre during the entire meeting. To reward his behavior exemplary, he built him not a nichebut a clubhouse at the bottom of the garden: « I ruined myself, it’s a palace. The walls are lined with photos of Racing players. »

The ultimate goal is of course to take Hatchi to see a match live at the Stade de la Maino : “My dream is to take him to see a match. In truth. A day when there will be snow. He loves snow. He could come and scream in the stadium before the game. comments Omer. For the moment, and although he has activated his network, he has still not had an agreement to take his dog at the stadium during the Match period.

Finally, during Emmanuel Macron’s transition to St-Die-des-Vosges (88), Omer went to talk about his dog to the president to make him aware of the animal cause. He even proposed to organize a meeting between Hatchi and Nemo the presidential dog. The president politely declined the invitation while bursting out laughing.

For Omer, Hatchi only needs a girlfriend, he has also registered her on a dating site: « I can see that he wants to go hunting. I even registered him on Badoo”.

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