Animal insurance: is the civil liability guarantee included?

It is important to distinguish between a animal insurance and an civil liability guarantee. They are intended to protect your pet but not on the same damage. Completely complementary, is the civil liability guarantee included in the dog and cat insurance?

What is a civil liability guarantee?

According to article 1243 of the Civil Code, an owner is responsible for damage caused by his animal: “The owner of an animal, or the person who uses it, while it is in his use, is responsible for the damage that the animal caused, either that the animal was in his custody, or that it was lost or escaped”. The responsibility of the master is engaged when the animal degrades material objects belonging to others and during physical injuries (bites, scratches, jostling).

In order to protect against this material and bodily damage, only the civil liability guarantee covers the damage caused by the animal. This is included in multi-risk home insurance. However, it is advisable to declare to the insurer the presence of a pet in your home. Only damage caused to others (a third party) will be reimbursed by the civil liability insurance.

Which animals are covered by the civil liability guarantee?

The categorized dogs are special cases. Considered as dangerous dogs, they are sometimes excluded by the civil liability guarantee. The detention is subject to strict obligations such as the issuance of a permit by the mayor of the place of residence (sterilization of the animal, certificate of aptitude, behavioral evaluation, etc.).

  • 1st category attack dogs : dogs not registered with the LOF such as the Pitbull, the Mastiff and the Tosa.
  • 2nd category guard and defense dogs : dogs registered with the LOF such as the Rottweiler, the Pibull, the Tosa. Non-LOF dogs with physical characteristics with the Rottweiler.

My dog ​​has caused damage to a third party: what should I do?

  • Bodily harm : declaration of the bite to your multi-risk home insurance but also to the town hall. The biting dog must consult the veterinarian three times during 15 days for a behavioral evaluation.
  • Material damage : declaration of the claim to your multi-risk home insurance… and that’s it!

Animal insurance: the civil liability guarantee included in the contract?

Subscribe a animal insurance makes it possible to cover the medical bills of your dog or cat. It lightens your expenses to facilitate your access to veterinary care (consultations, surgeries, vaccinations, etc.) of your pet. On the other hand, physical and material damage caused to a third party does not come under the coverage of animal insurance. This is exclusively a request to be made to your home insurance.

To protect your animal in the event of illness, accident or even for the costs of sterilization, vaccinations… you can take out a Assur O’Poil protective formula (preventive, integral, comfort, dog + and cat +) that will meet your needs according to your budget. A assistance guarantee is also included! It allows you to take care of your animal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all over the world (in the event of loss, temporary incapacity, illness, accident more than 50 km from your home).

Animal insurance: is the civil liability guarantee included?