Animal insurance: what are the exclusions?

Subscribe a animal insurance allow to do to tend to his dog or his cat more easily since expenses are reduced thanks to the partial or total coverage of veterinary costs. However, be aware that there are major exclusions to coverage. This means that certain costs are not reimbursed by the animal health mutual. Discover the list of exclusions from Assur O’Poil pet insurance!

Which protective formula to choose for your animal?

The insurer Assur O’Poil offers 5 protective formulas very specific. Those insurance offers allow you to remain preventive and take care of your dog or cat.

  • Preventive formula : 80% coverage of costs incurred by an accident as well as surgical costs related to illness or accident.
  • Comfort formula : it guarantees the best cover in the event of illness and in the event of an accident. This formula covers 100% of actual costs.
  • Integral formula : accidents but also illnesses are covered. Veterinary costs are covered, including in the case of vaccination and sterilization. This formula covers 80% of actual costs.
  • Dog + and Cat + : indoor cat or outdoor cat? Small dog or large dog? These personalized formulas for each animal species guarantee optimal coverage in the event of illness and accident.

Assur O’Poil pet insurance offers assistance guarantee at all stages of the dog’s or cat’s life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide (lost animal, transporting the animal, finding a veterinary clinic, etc.).

Animal insurance: what are the exclusions to coverage?

There are exclusions specific for all protective formulas Assur O’Poil pet insurance. It is important to be aware of it before choosing the cover for his pet.

Protective formulas: integral, comfort, dog + and cat +

  • Expenses necessitated by the sacrifice of the animal, except in the event of accident or incurable illness.
  • Costs related to diseases that could have been avoided if preventive vaccines had been carried out: cat: typhus, coryza and calicivirosis; dogs: distemper, Rubarth hepatitis, leptospirosis, viral gastroenteritis and rabies.

There are also other general exclusions to take into account before taking out an animal insurance formula. Certain pathologies and veterinary costs are not covered by dog ​​and cat insurance.

  • Interventions that are not performed by a veterinarian registered with the National Order of Veterinarians.
  • Manifestations of an illness known to the member before taking out membership or of an accident occurring before the conclusion of the insurance contract.
  • Costs related to an accident or illness, caused or aggravated by ill-treatment, lack of care, organized fights and sports competitions.
  • Expenses incurred as a result of any anomaly, infirmity, malformation or congenital disease and their consequences, including hip dysplasia and chronic patellar dislocation.
  • A surgical intervention (including scaling) of an aesthetic nature or intended to attenuate or remove defects.
  • Orthopedic prosthesis costs.
  • Ovario-hysterectomy (removal of the ovaries and uterus), abortion, contraception, childbirth and caesarean section (including in the event of an accident) and the costs related to pregnancy and its consequences.
  • Purchases of all foods including those with dietary value but also pest control products, lotions and shampoos.
  • The cost of animal identification by tattoo or microchip.
  • Support for alternative medicine such as osteopathy, balneotherapy, acupuncture, mesotherapy, etc.

Animal insurance: what are the exclusions?