Animal insurance: what care is reimbursed?

L’animal insurance Assur O’Poil reimburses the veterinary care of your dog or cat with 5 protective formulas choose according to your needs and your budget. But which one to choose? Follow the leader…

How to choose the right protective formula?

Assur O’Poil dog and cat insurance offers 5 protective formulas : “Preventive”, “Integral”, “Comfort”, “Dog +” and “Cat +”. These have different reimbursement tiers, i.e. 60%, 80% and 100%. They cover certain surgical and medical costs following an accident or illness, including vaccination. On the contrary, a waiting period of 45 days is put in place in the event of sickness. Support is immediate in the event of an accident.

Each of these formulas has a assistance guarantee which takes care of your pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide (in the event of loss but also in the event of the owner’s temporary incapacity, illness or accident more than 50 km from your home).

You will have understood it… it is up to you to choose a flat rate that meets your expectations and your budget! Throughout its life, your animal will be protected if it encounters a health problem.

Changing insurance coverage, is it possible?

Know that it is quite possible to change the protective formula of your pet. However, it is imperative to wait for the main expiry date of your membership… that is to say, January 1 of each year. Also don’t forget to make a written request to the insurer Assur O’Poil at the earliest two months before this date so that your request is accepted.

What care is reimbursed by animal insurance?

The protective formulas make it possible to cover veterinary care: pre and post-operative examinations, the operating procedure and hospitalization costs. Visit, consultation, care, pharmacy, transport by hospital ambulance. Analyzes, laboratory examinations, radiology, ultrasound, scanner and MRI. However, each has terms specific things to consider before making your choice. Discover the care reimbursed by animal insurance for each protection formula:


The formula ” preventive » covers the care caused by an accident as well as surgical costs (illness, accident) up to 80% costs incurred. Vaccination costs (15€) only if you choose the ceiling at 1800€ or 2500€.


Warranty ” Integral » covers to 80%, accidents but also illnesses. Veterinary costs are also covered, including in the event of vaccination (€45) and sterilization (€50). In the event of hospitalization, you are reimbursed up to €150 for boarding costs.


Guarantee a optimal protection to your dog or your cat with the formula ” Comfort“. This formula offers full coverage to 100% in case of accident and illness. Veterinary costs are also covered, including in the event of vaccination (60€) and sterilization (100€).

Dog +

The formula ” Dog + is specially dedicated to all owners who wish to provide complete protection for their dog. It covers the costs caused by an accident and illness up to the amount of 60%. Support also for vaccination (45€) and sterilization (50€). If you are hospitalized, your dog can be taken care of by an animal pension up to 200€.

Cat +

Warranty ” Cat + is a must-have package for all owners who want better protection for their cat. Veterinary care is covered at 60% for an accident or illness. Veterinary costs are also reimbursed for sterilization (50€) and for vaccination (45€). Boarding fees (€150) are useful if you are hospitalized and unable to take care of your cat.

Animal insurance: what care is reimbursed?