COVID-19: How to occupy your dog during confinement?

On March 16, 2020, the President of the Republic announced the implementation of containment in France in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, this confinement has exceptions such as traveling to do basic necessities, going to a medical appointment but also going out to practice an individual physical activity. It is therefore allowed to walk your dog to meet his needs, but you must not be accompanied. However, it is imperative for you, for each justified outing, to have a sworn statement completed the same day.

Even if the short outings for the needs of your four-legged friends are authorized, it may happen that once in your home your dog bored. And this boredom can have repercussions on your furniture, for example, especially if your dog develops behavioral problems like destruction when you’re not in the same room.

So we’ve been looking for tips so you can intellectually and physically stimulate your dog from your home.

How to stimulate your dog’s intelligence?

You may not know it but there are many games to develop the intelligence of your dog.

The KONG for example are recognized for their resistance, but are also excellent games for our companions. To occupy it you just have to hide treats inside and your dog must succeed in catching it either by chewing on the object or by rolling it in all directions.

There are also puzzles/ activity boards for dogs, the goal is to move or lift different pieces under which candies are hidden. Your dog will therefore enjoy finding out how to open the different boxes in order to be rewarded. As with humans, there are several puzzle levels, some of which require a lot of thought.

Sniffing mats are a great way to develop your flair. animal. These mats are made up of many pieces of fabric under which you just have to hide kibble or treats that your dog will have to spot using his sense of smell.

All these games can be found in pet stores or on the internet.

If you don’t have one, you can still make one. For this there are many tutorials on YouTube.

Creating sniff mats, for example, is great fun and can engage and keep your kids busy.

Here are some Youtube links to learn how to create occupations for your dog:




target=”_blank” Be careful not to give too many treats to your dog because, with the confinement situation, his physical expenditure is still reduced and you could see your dog gain weight quickly. However, you can compensate for this intake of treats by reducing the amount of kibble during meals or use part of their daily ration as a reward.

How to physically spend your dog at home?

Depending on your home, it is more or less complicated to get your dog to exercise at home. If you do not have an exterior, it is advisable to store all fragile objects that could be broken and damaged if they are jostled by your dog.

To play sports at your dog, it is possible to make him play ball indoors. This can also be a good way, if he doesn’t already know how to do it, to teach him how to bring it back.

You can also have fun playing hide and seek with your dog. He will be delighted to seek you out with his flair in your home.

It is also possible to simply run around the house and, if your dog is not motivated, take a toy with you to entice him to follow you.

If you are lucky and have a garden, you can have fun doing obstacle or agility courses. Many exercises are available to you to spend time with your dog

How to teach your dog tricks at home?

This confinement can also be a good way to teach new tricks to your dog or make him practice the basic commands (sit, lie down, paw, stay still, recall…) if he doesn’t know them yet.

Of course this learning must be done in a way positive with treats, encouragement or even a clicker. Training sessions should not last more than 15 minutes because your dog is more likely to be attentive after this time.

How to take care of your dog during confinement?

The maintenance of your dog is also important, take advantage of this confinement to brush it regularly, give it a makeover, cut its claws and check the health of its ears and eyes. All this of course without forcing your dogthe situation should not be anxiety-provoking for him.

These exercises and occupations will strengthen your bond and keep you and your dog.

Canibest recommends that you take care of yourself and your animals during this bad time. We look forward to accompanying you soon in theeducation/re-education of yours four-legged friends.