Dog health: natural solutions exist

Outside of conventional veterinary medicine, there are multiple natural essence approaches, practices, and products you can use for the health of your dogs. These are complementary solutions that serve both preventively and curatively and have far fewer side effects on the animal. These natural solutions and treatments are increasingly popular with masters who see them as a natural alternative to standard drug treatments. Repellent, treatment against osteoarthritis, anxiety and hyperactivity in dogs, quality of the coat or even hygiene, as much

What are the natural solutions that you can give to your dog? Can certain dog pathologies be treated naturally? Find all the information you need to know about the natural and alternative solutions to ensure the good health of your dog.

Natural dewormers for dogs

Deworming your dogs is a public health issue. In fact, the digestive parasites of these pets can also affect the human body via dog-to-human transmission. For this, conventional veterinary medicine makes available a set of varied products intended for rid dogs of parasites (worms in particular) that they harbor in their digestive tract.

For the well-being of your companion, you can buy dog ​​dewormers here to preserve his health and yours. Indeed, it is important to deworm it at least 4 times a year.

However, to treat a dog’s worms, you don’t have to use only standard veterinary products. Indeed, these products are known to be very effective but also chemical. There are also all natural dewormers that you can use and even combine to solve the problem. Here is the list of natural resources to play the role of pest repellent:

  • garlic,
  • clay,
  • carrots,
  • pumpkin seeds,
  • diatomaceous earth.

All these natural products are particularly effective in deworming a dog. Garlic in particular is a formidable ally in the fight against intestinal parasites. and you can even use it preventively. Just mix 1/5 clove of garlic directly with your pet’s food to keep them worm-free. This treatment is to be followed simply for 3 days, two or three times a year.

Like garlic, the other elements are also very effective in treating worms. Some like clay for example can even be used throughout the year.

dog health buy dewormers

dog health buy dewormers

Turmeric and coconut oil: natural solutions against inflammation and allergies in your dog

There are two recommended natural ingredients to correct any allergy and inflammation issues in your dog. These are turmeric and coconut oil. These ingredients have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that will help protect your dog against yeast infections and they are great allergy steroids.

Specifically, turmeric also benefits all dogs with kidney or dental disease. Likewise, it helps stimulate the production of bile in the liver, thereby correcting digestive problems. For its part, coconut oil has antifungal properties that make it a effective natural product to eliminate eczemacontact dermatitis, irritation and itching.

For use, coconut oil can be applied directly to the skin of the animal or mixed with its meal at the rate of 1 or 2 teaspoons. You can also make it into a natural toothpaste for him. With turmeric, you can make a golden paste to use as a dietary supplement. It is a product that must also be mixed with the dog’s food.

You may notice that the natural solutions recommended for dogs are very similar to those recommended for humans. These are often plants or essential oils. Also, the natural medicine does not prevent allopathy because these two practices are most often complementary.

Manuka honey: against bacterial infections

Manuka honey is particularly distinguished from other types of honey by its exceptionally high concentration of methylglyoxal (MG), a very active effective antibacterial component. It is then a powerful natural antibiotic with which you can fight bacterial infections causing colds or kennel cough in your dog.

It is also a natural dog remedy that has impressive antimicrobial properties. Thus, you can use it to help with the recovery and healing of your pet’s wounds. However, this product should only be given to dogs over one year old. Also, if you have a diabetic or overweight dog, it is best to consult your veterinarian before giving it to him.

In summary, there are many recognized natural alternatives to relieve, heal or protect your pet. Of course, it is advisable to discuss it with your veterinarian in order to obtain a medical opinion. Some veterinarians practice natural and alternative medicine themselves when others do not always appreciate these alternative care solutions. In any case, it is advisable to respect the recommended dosages.

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