How and why to adopt a pet

You love animals and you want to adopt a pet. Adopting a pet is a decision to be made consciously, because it gives you many responsibilities. Indeed, you will have to take care of your animal and take care of its well-being. In addition, to adopt a pet, you will have to follow some important steps.

Make sure you really want to adopt

Adopting a pet should be thought about for a long time. Know that from the moment you adopt an animal, you commit yourself for at least ten years. In order to facilitate your decision-making, you must consider your lifestyle and ask yourself certain questions. Your desires and your tastes are also to be considered. You must indeed ask yourself how long you are ready to spend with your animal, and if you want to adopt a cat or a dog. The answers to these questions will guide you in choosing the pet you will adopt. The choice of a male or a female must also be taken into account.

Who to contact for adopting a pet

To adopt a pet, you must go to shelters. Their role is to collect abandoned animals, but also to find them a family that will not abandon them again. It is for this reason that most shelters will ensure that your lifestyle is compatible with the animal of your choice and that you are truly aware of the responsibility of adopting an animal. The shelters must provide the future owner with all the information necessary for the smooth running of the adoption. In addition, the shelters have the mission of combating overcrowding. To do this, they perform care on the animals to be adopted, and if they have not done so, they will ensure that the future owner will respect his commitment to have the animal sterilized.

Visiting the shelter

Before taking all the steps related to adoption, you must start by visiting and seeing the animals available in the shelter. This will allow you to easily identify the animals that are likely to interest you. To do this, don’t forget to set up an appointment with the shelter and talk to the volunteers and ask for advice to help you make the right choice for your future pet. Indeed, it is possible that the animal you like does not suit your living conditions, your home, your family situation, or even your income. For the day of your visit, you must plan a duration of 1 or 2 hours on site, which will allow you to calmly choose an animal, observe its behavior, walk with it before your final choice.

The different formalities to follow

Depending on the association or shelter you have contacted, you must follow certain formalities in order to be able to adopt an animal. The refuge will first ask you to provide some supporting documents such as an identity document, proof of address and sometimes a certificate of civil insurance. Then, the shelter will have you sign an adoption contract stipulating your commitments to it and also to the animal. In general, he will also ask you to sterilize the animal, if it has not already been done, and to warn him if you plan to move and to commit yourself not to resell the animal and to return it to the shelter. if you want to part with it. Then, the shelter will send you a file concerning the health of the animal, the various up-to-date vaccines, and it will also ask you for a financial contribution for the management of veterinary care. Be aware that these fees may vary from one shelter to another. After the adoption, some shelters warn you that they will come to visit the animal to verify that the conditions of the contract are respected and that the animal is in good health and feels comfortable with you. Otherwise, the animal may be taken away from you. In general, you have a period during which the animal can be returned to the shelter if it does not adapt to its new home.

In short, by adopting an animal, you are doing a good deed. You offer the animal of your choice a second chance and a right to happiness. It will be able to flourish in your home and will bring you great moments of joy. Once in trust, the animal you have adopted will always be grateful to you for everything you have done for him and he will be very close to you and will give you a lot of love in return.