How to cool your dog: cooling mat and tips for the summer

Well, summer is back and like every year, the hot weather too.

You couldn’t have missed it, your dog is hot, too hot. It is essential to avoid heatstroke and improve his comfort during these heat waves.

Several techniques can help you in this regard. Here are a few :

1. Cooling mat: the magic tool against the heat for our dogs

The refreshing carpet, for those who don’t know, it’s quite magical in my opinion. The dog lands on it and it refreshes it. I sometimes steal it from my dog ​​I must admit πŸ™‚

A. How a cooling mat works:

  • there are cooling mats that contain a non-toxic cooling gel that naturally absorbs your dog’s heat
  • but also carpets which are to be immersed in fresh water, then to be wrung out

B. Which rug to choose: those I recommend:

Size, material used and preferences of your dog are to be taken into account when choosing your cooling mat.

Personally, I recommend a gel-based mat that is large enough for your dog to lie down on and thick enough to be comfortable.

dog heat water

2. How to cool your dog when it’s hot: tools against the heat wave

  • Refreshing coat: here I am speaking more specifically to owners of brachycephalic type dogs (or crushed noses πŸ˜‰ ) who do not tolerate heat particularly well. Effective, it needs to be regularly moistened to be useful. Here is an effective link.
  • Games: you can offer games that you wet and place in the freezer before giving them. It is also possible to give ice cubes or frozen food, but beware, some dogs will get stomach pains with this method. For example, this freezing penguin or this cool bone to chew
  • Water: provide him with fresh water, it seems obvious but you have to encourage him to drink and check that the bowl is not empty. I strongly advise against depriving a dog of water to make it clean. We should not limit it.
  • Moisten: wet his stomach and pads and allow him to lie down on a wet cloth. Those who can install a small pool at home are lucky! There are very resistant ones like this one.
  • Location: be strategic, put your dog in a room with air, and tiles, and let him stick to the door to cool off

2. Avoid mistakes that make your dog hot

  • Shearing: a dog must NOT be sheared to be fresh. Its undercoat helps it both to keep warm in winter and to maintain its body temperature in summer.
  • schedules: take your dog out very early or very late so that he can enjoy his walk without risking burning his paws on the asphalt. Put your hand on the floor for 30 seconds, if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for him.
  • air conditioning: avoid putting your dog in front of the air conditioning, especially if it is a brachycephalic
  • place: choose shady places and favor greenery with if possible water points
  • water: bring him a bowl or a water bottle and offer him very regularly. Check if his nose is dry

Good luck!

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