how to treat a poisoned dog?

Poisoning in a dog requires an emergency intervention from its owner. It is up to the latter to define the origin of the poisoning, in order to be able to provide first aid as soon as possible. Obviously, it is always necessary to take the animal to the veterinarian, but it is to avoid the worst while waiting for the intervention of the specialist that the following instructions are given. Here is how to treat a poisoned dog.

Understand the origin of poisoning

It is impossible to treat the dog if you do not know what it was poisoned with. It is therefore necessary to observe him for a few minutes, in order to detect all his symptoms and his behavior in the face of his suffering, and then give well-founded explanations to the veterinarian.

If the dog presents difficulty breathing or muscle spasms, and his pulse is higher than normal, chemicals may be the cause. It can be an industrial household product, a rat poison, or a drug intended for humans.

If the animal does not stop vomiting, has bloody faeces, or constantly drools with significant salivation, it has certainly swallowed food that is toxic to it (chocolate, expired dairy, contaminated meat, etc.).

When his hair is falling out wherever the dog goes, that he does not stop sobbing, or that his skin shows bleeding in different places, it is surely that he has been sprayed with a poisonous or naturally toxic product (petroleum, gasoline, acid …). Yes, poisoning is not only inside the body, it can also manifest itself through the skin and mucous membranes.

Steps to take in case of dog poisoning

As soon as signs of poisoning appear, it is necessary to adopt the right actions to limit the damage caused. If the dog has been poisoned on the skin, rinse it with plenty of water, at medium temperature. Do not use cold water as this could expose him to hypothermia, nor hot water which could aggravate the inflammation of his skin. Also avoid rubbing it because you don’t know if its hair will hold or not. Then wrap him in a cotton towel to make the trip to the vet as comfortable as possible.

In the case of digestive damage (vomiting, diarrhoea, bleeding, etc.), wrap the animal in a blanket and keep it warm. Make sure to limit his movements because the movements risk tiring him and weakening him even more. As it is more or less weakened, ask the veterinarian to come to your home instead of taking the animal by car.

If the animal shows signs of respiratory distress, make sure you put it in a well-ventilated room while waiting for the vet to arrive. Place him in a quiet corner and pet him to reassure him, because stress can only aggravate his dyspnea. Above all, avoid taking it outside to have enough ventilation. Indeed, the gales would not be beneficial to him in his condition.

Whatever the state of the animal, only the first steps must be taken by his master. Once the dog has been placed in a safe condition, the intervention of a specialist is always essential. If the animal is unable to move and the veterinarian cannot be reached either, it is imperative to contact a poison control centre.

poisoned sick dog

Poisoned dog: aggravating behaviors to avoid

You should know that in case of poisoning of the animal, its master must choose the right actions to adopt. If these are not appropriate, he risks accelerating the death of his dog instead of saving it. Here are some actions to avoid in the context of this vital emergency:

Give the dog a drink

It is strictly forbidden to give water to a dog that has just been poisoned.. Whether it is milk, water or broth, the ingestion of any liquid risks accelerating the spread of the poison in all its organs and thus hastening its death.

Poisoning in dogs: making the animal vomit

In case of poisoning, it is necessary avoid making the dog vomit. The passage of the toxic substance through his esophagus and his mouth could cause even more damage and worsen his condition (burns, tissue destruction, bleeding, etc.).

give him medicine

Giving medication is never the solution when the product with which the dog has been poisoned is not known. Although the benefits of these pills are known, their side effects are not. Especially since the animal is already fragile, any inappropriate medicinal substance risks causing him another poisoning and therefore cause his immediate death.

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