Already a new year and it’s time to think about the name of the future member of your family! Here are some ideas for cute first names that start with an S to inspire you.

NEW: the list of T names for puppies born in 2022!

What name should I choose in S for my dog ​​in 2021?

Dog first name in S year 2021: the choice of the first name of your future dog has a meaning and will follow you all its life. He will tend to influence his temperament and the view others have of your dog.

Don’t forget once you have taught your dog to recognize his first name, you will have to stick to it at the risk of disturbing him.

Why choose a first name that starts with an S? If your dog is registered in the LOF (book of official origins), there are certain rules that you will have to respect regarding the choice of the dog’s first name, such as its first letter which is determined according to its year of birth.

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Find a name that begins with the letter S for your puppy

I offer you a long list of 500 first names starting with the letter S for puppies born in 2021! There is something for everyone, ranging from inspirations found in literature, word games or Pokémon.

As a general rule, it is interesting to choose a first name that is neither too short nor too long so that your dog can hear and recognize it easily. To teach him, do not forget to use him often at the beginning, so we avoid nicknames the first times.

It is accepted that your dog hears 2 syllables well. After a weak consonant, it is advisable to follow a strong vowel and vice versa. Do not hesitate to double the sounds for more impact in the recall. Pay attention to deaf letters and sounds for the dog (aï, ou, f, b, l, p).

Your dog’s first name will follow you all his life

Finally, remember to choose a name suitable for your future dog, taking into account its size, sex and character, but also the image you want to convey. If you have a big dog and you call it Demon, it will be more impressive to people you meet than if you call it Chouquette. This can have consequences on his socialization (no one lets his dog approach him) and on his familiarization (people are afraid, stare at him and your dog ends up being afraid himself…).

Female and male dog names starting with the letter S for the year 2021

Snoopy Shaya
Saba Shayen
sabayon Shazam
Sable Sheba
Flavor Sheepo
Sabre Sheik
Sacdeneu Sheila
Sacha Shelby
Safari Shelda
Safi Shell
Sapphire Shelly
Safran Shelsy
Saga Shemia
Saga Shepa
Sage Sherkan
arrow Sherlock
Sahab Sherpa
Sahara Shiba
Sahila Shiki
know Shiloh
Saïga Shine
Saïka Shiny
Saiko Shippie
Saira Shira
Saito Shiro
Saiyan Shiva
Thing Shogun
Sakapus Shorty
Zechariah Shoshanah
Saki Showbiz
Sakia Shrek
Shakira Shrimp
Sako Shuk
Sakou Shyley
Sakura Shyna
Sakuro Shyra
Sala Is
Salad Siam
salameche Sibelle
Salami Cyber
Salem Siddy
Sali Sidney
Saleh Sierra
Salipe Sigard
Sally Siggi
Salma Sika
Salsa Day
Salt They
jump Silhouette
Salva Silk
Salvador Silky
Salvia Silly
saly Silva
Sam Silver
Same Simba
Samba sinbad
Sambuca Simbalou
Sami Simeo
Samoa Simpson
Samp Sin
Samra China
Samshara Singha
Samtouch Left
Find Sira
Samuel Sirens
Samurai Siri
Samwell Sirius
Sana Sirona
Sancho Sisi
Sandokan Siska
Sandor Sisko
Sandro Sissi
Sandy Sixteen
Sanga Sixtus
Sango Skar
Goku Skate
Sangria Skayla
Sani Skech
Saniah Skiff
Sanka Skinner
Sano Skinny
Sanou Skip
Sansa Skippy
Santal Skittles
Santana Skoll
Santiago Sky
Santos Skya
Cold Skyfall
Sanyo Skyla
Saperlipopette Skype
Sapphire Skyper
Saphira Slam
Saphy Slap
Fir Slappy
Sarasota Slash
Saratoga Glory
Sardine Slaya
Sarka Sleep
Sarouman Slide
Sasarose Such
Sashimi Sliman
Saska Saliva
Saskia Slinky
Sassafras Slouky
Stones Slow
Sassoon Slush
Satchmo Sly
Sati Smart
Satine Smarties
Sato Smarty
Saturn Smaug
Sausage Smile
Sausage Smith
Savannah Smitty
Rocks Smoby
Saxo Smokie
I am Smoking
Sayanne Smootch
Scala Smooth
Scallop Smoothie
Scampi Smouki
Scandal Snapchat
Scania Snappy
Scar Snickers
Scario Snifer
Scarlett Sneakers
Scary Snipe
darling Sniper
Scheherazade Snoob
Schell Snooki
black Snookum
Scip Snoop
Scipio Snoopy
Scone Snouky
Scoobidou Snoupie
Scooby Snow
Scoop Snowbell
Scoot Snowflake
Scooter Snowy
Scoppy Snuffy
Scorn Torn
Scorpio Socket
Scotch Socks
Scott Socrates
Scotti Soda
Scout Sofa
Scrabble Soho
Scrapi Military
Scratch Soka
Scratchy Sol
Scrooge Sola
Scuba Solar
Seal Solea
Seattle Soleil
Seika Solly
Seiko Solo
Sek Sonic
Selal Sony
Selby Sookie
Selena Soon
Seleste Soprano
Selfie Sorghum
Sella Souag
Selma Souka
Selqui mousetrap
Selwyn Mouse
Senator Soy
Senior Soya
Seniorita Spaghetti
Senji Spaider
Senpaï Spanki
Seny Spar
Sephora Sparky
Sequoia Sparrow
Ravenclaw Sparta
Serena Spartacus
Sergi Spectre
Slytherin Speculoos
Towel Speed
Sesame Speedy
Seth Sphinx
Sethy Spice
Seven Spider
Seymour Spike
Shaanti Spiky
Shack Spiral
Shad Spirit
Shado Spirou
Shadow Spit
Shadow Splash
Shae Spoke
Shaggy Spoky
Shah Spoon
Shaïa Spotty
Shaila Spouka
Shaina Spouky
Satan Sputnik
Shakira Spring
Shalimar Spy
Shammou squeeze
Shana Staffy
Shane Stan
Shanelle Stannis
Shanghai Star
Shannen Stark
Shannon Starlet
Shape Steffy
Shark Stella
Sharkou Stich
Shawn Sticky
Sunset Stiffy
Suri Quiet
Sushi Stitch
Suzie Stocko
Hunger Stomy
Sven Stoofy
Swag Large
Swaggy Storage
Swampy Storm
Swan Stormy
Swat Fear
Sweet Straker
Sweetheart Strap
Sweety Strauss
Swift Stretch
Swing Strike
Switch Strudel
Sybelle Stuart
Sylka Stylish
Sylver Stylo
Sym’s Submit
Syrius Lollipop
Sully Sudo
Sultan Sugar
Sumo Suki
Sun surrender
Sunlight Sulivan

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