Living with a dog in Toulouse

Toulouse, Pink city of gastronomy and rugby. It is therefore easy to forget that Toulouse (31) is a city where life is very good for its dog. She was also elected in 2019, the 2th the most “pet-friendly” city in France. Indeed, the city works daily for the well-being of our animals.

Here you will find some of the reasons why this city is awarded this ranking, starting first with the large number of parks accepting dogs.

Where to walk your dog in Toulouse (31)?

Compans Caffarelli Park, located near the Toulouse city center.

You will find a dog park there where you can leave your dog roam freely and socialize with fellow creatures. Be careful though because the Japanese garden is not allowed to our friends the animals.

The Fifteen Suns, leisure base located on the banks of the Garonne is also a perfect space with an exceptional ecosystem for your dog. Fishing lakes and picnic areas are there to spend a full day outdoors with your pet.

If you feel like discovering Toulouse (31), or alternating the places where you go for walks, while leaving your dog enjoy some green spaces, or even practice the canirando, the banks of the Garonne are made for you.

More in the center, but still on the banks of the Garonne, the Sea Bream Park and Port opens its doors to dogs, be careful however, these places are sometimes victims of their own success. We therefore advise you to avoid peak hours so that you can keep a watchful eye on your pet. Note that some of these parks have spaces reserved for dogs ranging from 150 to more than 750m2. A real boon which partly explains why Toulouse is on the podium of the most welcoming cities for dogs in France.

On the outskirts of Toulouse (31), you can take your dogs to the hills of Pech-David, offering large spaces and a breathtaking view of the city of Toulouse (31). You can walk along the Canal du Midi, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and remains one of the best ways to discover or rediscover the city and its surroundings.

Right next to the Citée de l’Espace is the Parc de la Grande Plaine, the ideal place to enjoy a sunny afternoon with your dog and enjoy ten hectares of fun and sporting activities just a stone’s throw from the center. -Toulouse city.

Toulouse (31) provides you with an online guide to find this information indicating the canisites, and the distributors of poop bags:¢er=1.3813355565000007,43.60068130495001&layers=num,layer_195,layer_194&zoom=12 )

For those who love swimming, a short trip to the Sesquieres leisure base (31) will allow your dogs to have fun while cooling off.

You will find in the north of Toulouse (31) a multitude of quieter places allowing you to enjoy large green spaces. For example, Fenouillet, along the Garonne, the forest of Buzet, between Paulhac and Bessieres, where you can enjoy long walks, and possibly pick up mushrooms.

For people wishing to escape with their dogs, the regional natural park of the Pyrenees Ariègeoises is 1h20 away. Don’t forget either that the Pyrenees also offer an idyllic setting for practicing canicrossthe cani-MTBthe Ski-Joering as well as the sled dog, or mushing for owners of primitive type dogs like Samoyeds, Malamutes or huskies for example.

Which animal health experts are recommended in Toulouse?

In Toulouse (31), a multitude of veterinarians are present, the clinic Vet-Urgentys will however be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all medical emergencies.

Here is their website:

You can also reach them on 05 61 11 21 31.

What canine exhibitions are present around Toulouse (31)?

About the dog shows around Toulouse (31), note the dates:

– National dog show at Monclar de Quercy from April 24 to 25, 2021

These events will allow you to meet different dog breeders, but also various professionals from the animal world.

Where to educate your dog in Toulouse?

Canibest in Toulouse (31) offers gentle individual lessons, respectful of your animal in order to educate your dog, from the age of 2 months. We operate 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and offer lessons at home or in parks. Intervening 7 days a week, your dog trainer will offer you lessons at home or in parks around Toulouse (31). We will train your puppy or your dog adults, but we also set up behavioral therapy in the event of behavior problems such as uncleanliness, destruction, depression, aggression, fears…

Our methods are based on the use of rewards (treats, toys, petting, clicker…). Our behavioral dog trainers never use violence or coercion to make your pet obey.