Maine Coon Red? World champion !

the Ginger Maine Coon is probably the Maine Coon the most widespread in France and in America. Whether her dress is color called “Solid” (plain), Tabby (tabby…) Where “Particolore” (mixed white, black…)red is a present and very popular color.

Ginger maine coon in arms
Omar: The largest Maine Coon in the world: 120cm from the muzzle to the base of the tail!

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Maine Coon Red

The dress redhead is the most brilliant of all colors and this is one of the reasons for its success, but not only. Another reason is that redhead stands out instantly any other color it is mixed with such as white, black or any other pattern.

Ginger maine coon in the snow

UK, Roux is also known as Marmalade for the famous marmalade jam that the British love so much.

In Maine Coons, as in other cats, the dress is only very rarely uniform but rather mixed with white markings with “Tabby” markings (example: tabby).

Tabby maine coon dresses

A Maine Coon Roux says “Solid” is rare and will always present grooves. But they will only be shades of redwithout the slightest trace of white.

Ginger Maine Coon with golden eyes

the nose and his paws red Maine Coon are pink. While his eyes are coppery Where goldenand go perfectly with his undercoat.

Why is he red?

Just like humans, cats have melanin under the skin that produces pigment and therefore the “color” of their hair. Ginger cats have the red melanin tint (the pheomelanin) which replaces the black or brown pigment (eumelanin).

Magnificent solid red Maine Coon

Different amounts of pheomelanin give a variable contrast between the Tabby (Example: tiger) and the solid (of more uniform color and less contrast).

Red and White Maine Coon

The kittens are often very pale at first and their ginger markings will appear as they grow.

Are there red females?

We often hear that the Ginger Maine Coon is always a male and that it is almost impossible to find a beautiful female redhead

Ginger and White Maine Coon Cat in the Grass

This is not entirely true.

According to many breeders, there would be approximately 20% females Maine Coon redheads and 80% would therefore be males. So if you are desperately looking for a red female, do not lose hope, she is waiting for you!

But then why this difference between males and females? It’s all about genetics!

ginger maine coon kitten

The female presents XX chromosomesand the male from XY chromosomes.
The red color is always attached to the X chromosome, therefore from the female. In a female, the two X chromosomes combine to form a new color. But in the male cat, the Y chromosome not giving any color, the X chromosome has a much better chance of transmitting its red color to the future Maine Coon kitten.

Ginger maine coon with white

And this is the reason why, the majority from Maine Coon Ginger are males !

Is the Maine Coon Roux easy to find?

the Red is a color very popular and common. And knowing that two red parents will always produce at least one ginger kittenit is an easy color to obtain from any good breeder.

2 small Red Maine Coon kittens

The Maine Coon Roux on video!

Here is a first video of a magnificent Maine Coon Roux that you will see growing up from the first week, until he is 3 years old !

Finally, I present to you a Maine Coon World Champion in 2017. And guess what? He is Red!

As you know, the Maine Coon comes in many colors but you have to admit, the Roux is one of your very colorful favorites!

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Ginger Maine Coon cat in the arms of a little girl

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