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My cat smells bad, CAT stinks! J’aime Trop Chat has looked into the problem and offers you some of the most probable causes! Having a cat that smells bad can damage your precious relationship with your feline, so it’s important to know the origins of this ailment.

my cat smells bad

What is this smell?

My cat smells bad from behind (or behind :-))

There are mainly two reasons that cause a bad odor in the hindquarters of your protege.

Your cat’s hair is tangled

Your cat’s fur may have a tendency to tangle. This is especially true for long-haired cats like Persians. These cats need daily brushing of their entire body, paying particular attention to the back side, to avoid the formation of painful and unhygienic knots.

Your cat may also develop matting if he stops grooming himself. This can happen if your cat becomes so heavy that it is difficult for him to physically reach his hindquarters to groom him. He may also stop grooming if he is sick. Older cats with arthritis may also stop grooming.

The solution to this hair problem is very simple: cut the knots that have already formed and groom your cat more regularly to help it regain its beautiful coat. For this, provide a cat grooming brush.

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A disease or a wound

If your cat has a disease or sore that infects his behind, he will often lick or try to lick their hindquarters

This may be due to:

  • Anal gland problems or normal anal excretions.
  • Moist folds of skin that become infected.
  • Diarrhea that gets caught in the fur of the tail.

If you notice a foul smell, try looking under the tail to see if there is anything obvious lurking there. You might notice swelling, oozing, redness, diarrhea, or skin irritation around the rectum.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

My cat stinks from the mouth… My cat stinks from the mouth…

Why does my cat have bad breath?

mouth cat

My cat has bad breath
image source: wikipedia commons

A healthy feline mouth doesn’t smell bad, but a lot can go wrong to change that. The mouth can thus become a major source of bad odors.

Dental disease is the most common cause of unpleasant odors on cat’s breath. Plaque and tartar that build up on teeth, gums that become inflamed and separate from their underlying structures, and loose teeth provide an ideal environment for bad breath. A solution for this would be to let him chew on a bit of matatabi stick, which has the effect of cleaning the teeth. The other solution is descaling… Given the price difference, you can start with matatabi sticks 🙂

These may be due to:

  • Food: if the smell occurs following a significant change in brand or other, you know that it is necessary to change
  • Gum disease with infection, such as gingivitis or stomatitis.
  • Oral cancer, which is very susceptible to infection.
  • Systemic diseases that cause bad breath, such as uremia which can occur with kidney failure, diabetes, liver disease or bowel obstruction.

If you notice your cat has bad breath or that he often rubs his mouth with a paw or along furniture or carpets, there may be a mouth problem. You may or may not look inside the mouth, but if you do, you’re looking for red gums, heavy brown or white coating on the teeth, unusual lumps all over the mouth, and excessive saliva.

Moreover, a cat that has a foul odor in its mouth spreads that odor all around its fur when groomingso it can quickly turn into a more difficult-to-spot general odor.

What to do if my cat smells bad from the mouth

Before thinking the worst with a serious illness or systemic illness, you should first think about the two main causes of your cat’s bad breath: tartar or food

  • Solve the problem of tartar

As we said before, the first thing to do is to give him matatabi sticks to chew, the other solution is to take him to the vet for a little session of descaling. If your cat is docile, you can also try brushing her teeth or cleaning her mouth with cat toothpaste spray.


Toothpaste and Toothbrush for cats

Toothpaste and Toothbrush for cats

– Special two-headed toothbrush not to damage the gums
– Toothpaste without rinsing
– Eliminates dental plaque, prevents the formation of tartar and fights bad breath

You are afraid to brush your cat’s teeth, here is a short video to find out how!

  • Solve the food problem

If the odor problem comes from food, it is better to favor solid food than more liquid food such as raw or moist food. It is preferable to choose slightly coarse croquettes which force your cat (or your cat) to chew strongly, which avoids the formation of tartar. There are also specific croquettes which also have an effect on dental plaque: one stone, 2 shots!

Below you will find a selection of the 3 best-selling kibble/treat brands. Try it to see if that fixes the problem.

Of course you would keep raw foods and cans as a treat and as a supplement for her happiness.

My cat smells bad on his skin or fur

If a cat rolls around in something dirty, which is especially the case with outdoor cats, it can come inside smelly. They will also smell bad if sprayed by a skunk. In this case, if the smell is persistent, you may be able to give it a bath. Take a quick look at our article on how to wash a cat!

If your cat, like many, does not really like baths, you can also clean it with a dry shampoo.

If the problem persists even after washing, it may be a skin problem that leads to infection cause bad smell. If the skin is wet, oozing or has raised red bumps, or if there are patches of hair loss, this may be the problem. In this case, it is strongly recommended to consult your veterinarian.

My cat stinks from the ears

my cat smells bad in the ear

cat ear
Photo Source: Pixabay

Ear infections can cause a bad smell. Although this phenomenon is more common in dogs than in cats, it can still happen and should be on the list of things to check if your cat suddenly smells bad. Here are the 3 main causes:

Bacterial ear infection

Most feline ear infections are also associated with odors. Infections sometimes develop when the cat has an allergy or other condition that changes the environment of the ear in a way that encourages the growth of bacteria. Bacterial infections may have no obvious underlying cause or be related to allergies, polyps, tumors, foreign bodies, etc. and they tend to smell foul or somewhat sweet, depending on the specific type of bacteria involved.

If the ears look red, have brown, red or black discharge, seem to glow inside, or if the cat scratches or rubs them, they may be the source of the bad odor.

Bad smelling ears due to stress

Your cat may have a food or environmental allergy.

This can cause symptoms such as itchy ears, odor, discharge, and head shaking (to name a few). In addition to ruling out infection, the doctor may recommend an allergy test or a change in diet. Depending on the allergy, your cat may exhibit symptoms seasonally or throughout the year.

An infection of the cat’s ear by parasites

Although more common in kittens, adult cats can also get parasites in their ears. Among these parasites are ear mites. Ear mites are easy to treat. An ear exam can easily determine if these critters are the cause of cat ear problems. Your veterinarian will easily prescribe a product to get rid of it.

When a cat is infested with ear mites, their ears usually contain a dark material that looks a bit like coffee grounds and can smell foul.

My cat’s urine smells bad

This is mainly the case for whole male cats (those that have not been sterilized). A male cat’s urine is extremely pungent, and not only can this smell be strong around the litter box, but it can also be on the cat, as he may walk through his litter box, use his paws to bury the urine, or put it on his fur.

In addition, it happens that a cat suffering from a urinary tract infection has smelly urine, but this is rarer.

What to do if your cat doesn’t smell good

If you can narrow down the cause of the odor, you may only need to bathe your cat. However, if you can’t find the source of the bad odor or if it seems to be due to a problem, such as diarrhea, ear infection, or skin injury, see your veterinarian immediately for treatment.


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