Ollie, the Scottish Swimmer

Is my dog ​​a good swimmer?

Not all dog breeds are naturally able to swim.

This story is however the proof that our dogs can surely compete with the Manaudou!

Ollie, a Springer dog, spent 3 hours in Scottish waters before being rescued by a team from the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

It happened on July 17 in Wales.

Ollie, who was enjoying his walk and daily swim at Newton Beach, Porthcawl was reported lost around 8am by his owner. Immediately alerted, the RNLI team made a first round in the area where Ollie had disappeared to try to find the dog, without success. Simon Emms, head of the RNLI, however, remains confident.

Their second attempt does not work, and it is finally after the third time, around 11:30 a.m., that Ollie is found at the foot of a cliff, more than 4km from the beach where he had disappeared. It was thanks to a kayaker who saw the dog and alerted the emergency services. The team then took charge of the dog, which was in temporary safety with the kayaker.

After being missing for more than 3 hours, Ollie is only dehydrated but in good shape, in Simon’s words: “ It’s incredible that Ollie spent 3 hours at sea before being found not far from 4km further than the place where he swam at the beginning.” He adds : “He looked genuinely happy to see us and really enjoyed his ride in the lifeboat to Porthcawl.”

Simon Emms also adds that “the owner had the right reflex by contacting the coast guards.” and explains that “if your dog is in trouble in the water, move to a place where he can reach you safely, then call him, he will surely manage to come back to you on his own.

He also advises owners of “do not enter the water to fetch your dog, at the risk of also putting yourself in danger. Call for help”.

A big thank you to these rescue teams who take care of our animals every day. Every day, teams such as firefighters or the SNSM (National Sea Rescue Society) are called in to rescue animals in danger. Some organizations also have veterinarians among their staff, such as the Paris fire brigade, or the battalion of marine firefighters in Marseille. Their missions include intervening medically on injured animals, but also taking care of the care for dogs involved in research.

This incredible adventure that Ollie will have lived reminds us how important it is to know your dog’s abilities well before taking him for a swim. Dogs can’t swim unless you teach them to (except a few breeds that have this natural ability). It is therefore necessary to ensure that your dog is able to move in the water without this being a risk for him. Educating your dog is a way to secure your walks and to be able to take full advantage of these moments of sharing with your animal. Your complicity will only be better!

At Canibest, our dog trainers work above all on positive reinforcement. This method allows you to obtain a harmonious relationship and a real complicity with your dogs. This education is all the more important as it will allow you to fully appreciate your walks on the beach, and for the dogs to bathe with confidence.

If your dog likes water, you can also try other activities with him. Our dog trainer, Thomas, offers for example Cani-Paddle initiations in Nantes Ouest. You can find photos of this superb experience on its Canibest Nantes Ouest Facebook page.

Another way to strengthen your bond by combining dog education and fun!