Stress in cats → how do I know if my cat is stressed?

Cat stress should not be taken lightly. Our advice for spotting the signs and treating it. Even if he doesn’t have problems with traffic jams, an overflowing mailbox or an angry boss, kitty can, just like humans, be a victim of stress. The explanation is both individual (some cats are more anxious than others) and natural, stress being vital for felines living in the wild. But for those who are domesticated, stress in cats is not to be taken lightly. It can indeed lead to behavioral or health problems if not properly treated.

Signs that show your cat is stressed

Unlike his canine colleagues, kitty generally tends to remain very discreet when he has health problems. To detect any stress, it will therefore be necessary to observe it carefully.

Certain signs can alert you to a state of anxiety. Any change in behavior is suspect: for example, if overnight your feline begins to stay hidden, to meow more often or to become aggressive with the animals or humans around it. In addition, uncleanliness, the fact of cleaning oneself excessively or a dietary disorder (loss of appetite or, on the contrary, bulimia), are also potential symptoms of stress in cats.

Please note: these changes in behavior can also sometimes hide another illness. In any case, it will be better to make sure what he is up to with his veterinarian.

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Different causes of stress in felines

If you suspect your cat is stressed, first try to define the origin of his disorder. It is not always easy, because in felines the causes of anxiety are multiple. Quite often, however, they can be linked to a change in routine or environment: moving, arrival of a new member in the family (baby or other pet) or death, new furniture or moving certain objects…

Other disturbing elements may also prevent kitty from remaining zen: excessive noise or agitation around him, the fact of having to share too small a territory with other cats, or even the fear of running out of food. . We hope this is not your case, but also be aware that some cats can be disturbed when their master is often absent, when his schedule is chaotic or when he himself is too stressed.

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What solutions to stress in cats?

If you have succeeded in determining the source of the stress, the ideal will be to be able to eliminate it. But this is not always possible (in the case of the arrival of a baby or a move, for example, which can nevertheless be prepared). In any case, improving your feline’s environment will always be beneficial. In particular, you can rearrange your cat decor and furniture to better suit their needs. Also take the time to spend more time with him, to make him play or cuddle him.

In some cases, the use of stress treatments will also be a solution to consider (again, take advice from your veterinarian). Alongside drugs, remedies or natural food supplements (pheromones, homeopathy, plant extracts, etc.) can help effectively deal with stress.

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All your efforts will never ensure a life totally free from stress in cats, and that is not the goal. The goal, however, is to ensure that his state of anxiety does not become chronic and escalate into illness. Not to mention that by taking care of kitty you will also be taking care of yourself, thanks to “purring therapy”. It has been proven that for humans, having a cat helps to soothe and reduce stress!

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