Take your cat on vacation → how to travel with your cat everywhere

The holidays have arrived and the question oftake your cat on vacation or not arises? Follow these tips for a hassle-free trip. Owl ! It’s almost the holidays. You are no doubt looking forward to taking a well-deserved rest and being able to leave behind the grayness of everyday life. But there is one that your travel plans do not make enthusiastic. I named her majesty kitty. Let’s just say he doesn’t have the explorer side of some of his feline colleagues. He is more of a homebody type and he hates being upset about his habits. The best, of course, would be to keep him. If however you do not have this possibility and you are seduced by the idea oftake your cat everywherehere are some precautions to take so that this move is done with the minimum of stress for your cat (and for you).

Before the trip: how to prepare to take your cat everywhere?

Deciding to leave at the last moment, on a whim. Forget. That was before that furry ball came into your life. Because if you want to travel with your cat, a minimum of preparation is required.

First, make sure kitty has a way to be identified so they can be easily found if they get lost on the trip. The painless implantation of an electronic chip is today the means most often used. Then, check that his vaccinations are up to date (even more so if you plan to go abroad). These points can be resolved by a visit to the veterinarian, who can also give you advice and prescribe any medication for the trip. It is also a precaution to take for anyone who wishes traveling with a cat.

Then get the essential basket or carrying bag for cats, such as the cat sleeping bag Nest for example ;). In order to avoid drama on the day of departure, take a little advance and give kitty time to get used to it. For this, let the cat basket opened in a room where he used to go. Encourage him to use it by putting his toys and/or some catnip in it. We don’t guarantee 100% effectiveness, especially if your cat is a little old, but it’s worth the cost to try…

take your cat everywhere

During the trip with your cat: we remain vigilant

The big day has arrived ! You are ready to board. For kitty to travel with a light stomach, you will have taken care to give him only a small meal 8 to 10 hours before departure. In his basket place a linen or a comfortable towel (plan a change). You can also spray pheromones there about thirty minutes before leaving to reduce the stress of transport.

On the way, make kitty drink regularly (at least every 2 hours). On the other hand, if the trip lasts less than 12 hours, it is not necessary to give him food. At each break, be particularly careful not to let him escape. Finally, never leave your cat alone in a closed car (even in winter or with the air conditioning on!).

travel with your cat

On arrival on vacation: we let him take his marks

Phew, everyone has arrived safely and you can now breathe. But this landing in unknown territory has every chance of leaving kitty a little confused. Also, he will have to allow him to calmly take his marks and get used to this new place.

The best is to leave him locked up in a single room first, with his food, his basket and his litter (the same as usual, preferably). Then, when you feel that he has become familiar with this new environment, you can give him access to other rooms in the apartment or house. If you feel that he also wants to explore the garden, you can also give him this possibility, but by watching him well and preventing him from wandering too far.

In short, with a bit of kitty method, he too will be able to enjoy his vacation spot. From there to say that he will have acquired a taste for travel? You shouldn’t ask too much of it either… but at least you’ll know how to put it in the best conditions and will eventually be able to master this exercise that is traveling with a cat.

take your cat on vacation

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