The biggest cat in the world

As is the case with certain species, there are cat breeds whose measurements could be qualified as non-standard. Kitten already, they have the same weight and size as a normal adult cat. At first, it was a few specimens, but over time we realized that there is a whole breed of cat that meets this criterion: the Maine Coon. In 2019, the Guinness Book of Records celebrates a Maine Coon 120 cm long for 16 kg. And no, it’s not a lion, it’s quite simply the biggest cat in the world in 2019, his name is Barivel!

marivel, the biggest cat in the world

What do we know about Maine Coon?

The measurements of the breed of the largest cat in the world

If they are considered big cats, it is because Maine Coons have quite unusual measurements compared to other felines of their species. A fit Maine Coon weighs between 4 and 9 kg and averages 100 cm from muzzle to tail. While a normal adult cat weighs between 3 and 5 kg for 25 cm (depending on the species). Which means that a Maine Coon is about 4 times bigger and 2 times bigger than a normal cat. This is also why the qualifier most used when talking about him is: ”Majestic”.

maine coon cat

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An impressive physique

Besides its size and weight, the breed of the largest cat in the world also has several other advantages that only confirm its dimensional supremacy. Indeed, cats of this breed have a muscular and powerful body. Which means they are not puffy or obese. They assume their weight and their sizes make them imposing. In addition, they have large ears that are enlarged at the base. Their eyes are slightly oval and also large. But what ends up making these animals impressive is their raccoon tail. It is long, wide at the base and bushy. It is small with long hairs (like the vast majority of the body for that matter) and ends in a point. All these little details form a cocktail that undoubtedly makes the Maine Coon, the breed of the largest cats in the world.


Several legends circulate as to the origin of Maine Coon. The most unusual is that the Maine Coon is the result of a cross between a cat and a raccoon. Genetically, this assertion makes no sense, but an explanation had to be found to justify the presence of the word ”Coon” which comes from the word ”Racoon” which means ”raccoon” in English.

Another legend less far-fetched, but just as funny is the one that says that some European cats were imported into the state of Maine and left to fend for themselves. To survive in the harsh climate of Maine, they would have developed an imposing and powerful musculature, as well as a fairly waterproof fur. They would then have been noticed by the farmers whose crops they protected and their friendly character, as well as their sociability, would have very quickly led them into homes. It is from there that they would have become pets.

wild maine coon

One thing we know for sure is that Maine Coons originated on the eastern side of the United States, in the state of Maine. Hence their name. We will then remember that they come from a cross between European cats imported by the colonists and local cats. The name ”Coon” was given to them because of their resemblance to the raccoon which is reflected through the long bushy tail. This is also one of the characteristics that explains the dimensions of the largest cat in the world.

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The biggest cat in the world

The Maine Coon is a large cat breed. That, we understood. But there is a Maine Coon who holds the record for the largest cat in the world 2019. It is the longest Maine Coon in the world. It is a magnificent specimen of 120 cm that weighs 16 kg. Or 7 kg and 23 cm more than the average.

maine coon tabby

When we add to this data its magnificent dress with long hair and its beautiful frame, this cat is simply breathtaking. He is the happiness and pride of his master who is full of praise for him. Because, like all specimens of the breed, he is very affectionate, sociable, outgoing, but above all very gentle. He perfectly compensates his build with his calm and wise character. It is therefore quite designated for its title of the largest cat in the world.

The Maine Coon is a very popular breed of cat in France, because it offers magnificent cats with adorable behavior and character, and even the largest cat in the world! Until the latter is dethroned, we will remain amazed by this animal which has literally been spoiled by nature.

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