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Jules Verne: “I believe that Cats are spirits that came to Earth. The Cat, I am convinced, could walk on clouds…”

Majestic, beautiful, adorable, sweet, cute. Many kind words can be said to describe these wonderful animals that we find so endearing. Apart from all the obvious things we love about cats, did you know that it’s been proven that these amazing animals possess healing powers ? While cats are known to be incredibly self-healing, their healing abilities often have a positive effect on humans. But do they really have supernatural powers?

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You will discover the main powers of cats and how they allow us to be happier!

1. Cats make us happy

These friendly little companions can bring joy in our daily lives. Whether it’s the little things they do to make us smile or the way they melt our hearts, cats have the ability to soothe us, to warm us and make us happy. being happy releases serotonin your brain needs and will help you feel better overall. For people who are single, widowed or living alone, cats are perfect so that you don’t feel so alone. In return, owning a cat can also bring out our soft and caring sidewho is not afraid to show love and appreciates the meaning of a true companion.

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2. The power of purring

Owning a cat is also beneficial for your health. Studies have shown a 30% decrease in heart attacks in households with a cat.

But a cat’s purr can also provide healing abilities. Thanks to the power of their purring, cats can create low frequency vibrations ranging from 20 to 140 Hz, which is recognized as being medically therapeutic both for cats and humans. These low frequencies have the ability to promote healthy bones and even heal them.

Fun Fact: There’s an old vet adage that goes, “If you put a cat in a room with a bunch of broken bones, the bones will heal.” Cats have long been regarded as natural healers, and with magical powers like this, it’s no wonder. The powerful purring vibrations of cats even have the power to help heal soft tissue injuries, such as muscle, ligament and tendon injuries. Today, sports physicians use these low frequencies to repair damaged bones or muscle tissue.

Finally, the purring vibrations picked up by our receptors and emitted to the brain have the ability to generate endorphinalso called the feel-good hormone or happiness hormone.

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3. Cats can cure your stress

Having a feline in your home leads to a reducing your stress. Its soothing power has the effect of lowering your blood pressure. In addition to reducing stress, it is said that migraine sufferers chronic can ease their pain thanks to the regular and rhythmic sounds of a cat’s purr. By stroking simply your cat’s soft fur, it can help you to relax putting your mind at ease and clearing your thoughts. It’s also a great way to bond with your feline friend who is sure to thank you.

In addition to healing your stress, cats can help you improve your state of depression and lower your anxiety level if you also suffer from one or other of these pathologies.

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4. Cats want you healthy

It has been proven that the the elderly who own a cat live longer than those who do not have one. These natural “doctors” with mysterious powers have a sixth sense for sensing when you are feeling bad and prefer to be near you to bring you comfort and support. Owning a cat is also about improving your immune function by boosting it.

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5. Cats take care of your children

Reduction of Allergies
According to the American Humane Associationstudies have shown that having a cat in your home from an early age (under a year) reduces your baby’s risk of developing allergies in the future such as: cat hair allergy, dust mites, etc. .

Reduced risk of developing asthma
According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunologychildren who are exposed to cats early in life have a reduced risk of developing asthma.

Lower stress level
It is the same for children, the vibration of your cat’s purrs is therapeutic, it reduces stress and even helps to cure an infection.

A lesson in empathy and patience
It’s important for your child to learn to be attuned to another being’s feelings and needs, and a companion cat can be the perfect teacher. Your child can learn to respect and care for others by gently stroking your cat, stroking its ears, and listening to its purrs.

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6. Lucky Cats?

Have you ever heard of Maneki Neko ? They are also called “cats” lucky charm” or Chinese cats (but that’s a mistake).

These whimsical figures of cats have become one of the most recognizable symbols of the Japan.

They are said to bring fortune to whoever places it on their doorstep.

The uncertainty about the story du maneki neko has led to many different legends explaining its beginnings.

But what is certain is that this little Lucky Cat is a real star in Japan.

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This cute feline with Super Powers

So even if some benefits of your favorite furball are explainablegood again mysteries remain. Supernatural powers or not, if you own a cat, you can thank these special creatures for keeping you happier and healthier. Cats have miraculous abilities to heal themselves, and as a thank you, they don’t hesitate to help their adorable family in return.

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So from today, let him massage your belly with his paws!

To find out even more about your tomcat’s abilities, I invite you to read Véronique Aiache’s excellent book: The Power of Cats

I leave you with a very funny video of two adorable kittens!

Feline from ChatChou!

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