TOP 10 of the most beautiful Cat Jewelry

For several years, the tendency “cat” is increasing. Most of the biggest brands are surfing the “Chat” wave.

You will discover more beautiful cat jewelry specially designed for cat and kitten lovers.

They are found for all genres and under all shapes. Mainly for womenthere are also some for men and children, you will necessarily find the set that suits you and can proudly display your passion for these adorable furballs.

adjustable cat ring

the design death jewelry and their elegance feline make them unique. Wear some cat jewelry, it is to affirm proudly and in all independence, its passion of the cat. Which of these jewels would you like the most?

Cat jewelry: Elegant and Original

The cat jewelry are ornaments who present patterns Where shapes of feline. These jewels shaped are often characterized by designs purposes and delicatebut can also be very moose. For example, you might see: “a cat chasing butterflies“.

silver cat ring

From cat jewelry you can find cat pendantsfrom cat earringsfrom cat rings or even the cat bracelets. Available in different materials, they are however much more common in precious metals such as silver or gold. Sometimes accompanied by precious stonesthese works of passion with a touch of luxury are chic and glamorous!

cat pendant

the market from cat jewelry is booming and as I told you, more and more major brands and jewelry turn to the tendency. The Chat Chou boutique is particularly proud to be part of it.

Your favorite cat jewelry

Of course, there is a great variety of cat jewelry : various shapesdifferent colors and compositions. The most difficult will undoubtedly be to choose your favorites! With Chat Chou, you benefit from best cat jewelry of the collection at unbeatable prices.

Chat chou offers you a list of ten best cat jewelry choose by you for their design, quality and price. Chat Chou also selects models that are always on trend. This is how the following jewels find themselves at the top of the ranking.

#10 The Cat Bracelet: Woman in Beauty ®

This pretty cat bracelet from 17 to 20 cm adapts to all wrist shapes. 925 silver ‰ and set with diamonds (zirconium oxide crystals), it sublimates your wrist and does not serve the skin. With an elegant cat head and lavish detailing, you’ll flaunt your passion for cats with plenty of glamour.

bracelet woman cat

#9 The Cat Bracelet: Maneki neko ® lucky charm

It is a silver jewel that comes to us from Japan to bring success and happiness to your life. With a carved cat motif in a traditional touch, the maneki neko lucky cat bracelet reflects colors red, yellow and silver (dominant). Adaptable to any wrist, it is light and easy to put on. Find this bracelet in the Bracelets and Charms collection.

lucky cat bracelet

cat charms

#8 The Cat Pendant: Woman and Feline ®

This cat jewelry is particularly cute. By wearing this cat pendantbring out your true nature that is both wild, gentle, so beautiful and if women. It is fitted with a white zirconium oxide diamond. All in eleganceit expresses your attachment to these cute little felines that are cats.

cat pendant

#7 The Cat Pendant: With you forever ®

This silver cat pendant necklace extremely thin is offered with a adjustable chain offered. According to your desires, you can wear it short or longer. This pendant fine and adorable will undoubtedly suit you. Representing a hooked cat, it is light and particularly refined.

silver cat pendant necklace

cat pendant

#6 Cat Earrings: Feline Fantasy ®

Your feline side is more than ever highlighted through this mixed pair of cat earrings. One of the loops presents the cat’s head and the other symbolizes a fish bone. In silver 925they bring together chic, finesse, originality, to sublimate the features of your face.

fancy cat earrings

#5 Cat Earrings: Beautiful fantasy ®

These adorable chips will enhance your ears and give a unique touch to your appearance. Those fancy cat earrings are also polished by hand and easy to wear. Made in moneythey feature infinitely colored stones and represent the face of a pointy-eared cat. Originalsunique, but nevertheless discreet, your face will shine!

fancy cat earrings

#4 Cat’s Paw Earrings in Silver ®

This fancy cat jewelry represents the love for cats through its fine design of a small heart in a cat’s paw. It is available in pure gold (yellow), rose gold and silver. Hand polishedthose silver cat earrings are brilliant. Available in 3 colors, Silver, Pink Gold, Yellow Gold, they are particularly pleasant to wear. They are perfect for any shape of ears. Reveal your love for cats!

In the collection you will find all kinds of cat earrings, chips and pendants

silver cat earrings

cat earrings

#3 The Cat Ring: Always in my heart

This ring symbolizes the magic that operates between you and your cat. Always keep close to you this tenderness pure that unites you. Certainly, this 925 silver cat ring ‰ will melt you. A size guide is provided to you in order to make the choice of your cat jewelry Again easier !

925 silver cat ring

#2 The Cat Ring: A Trip to the Moon ®

Expose your dreamy mind with this ring with cat atypical. Symbolizing a crescent moon that covers an original sculpted cat, this ring beautifies you and gives you charm. This jewel in money massive (sterling 925 ), is light with its weight of 1.3 g, and is easily worn on all your fingers thanks to its adjustable size.

ring with cat

#1 The Cat Ring: My beloved little ears ®

This cat ears ring silver plated is a bestseller. For a very low price, you have a magnificent Ring to fine and charming design. Lightweight, it is very easy to wear. She highlights your finger and your hands on any style of dress. Her cut is adjustable and therefore does not require any measurement. Reveal your wild nature by wearing this cat jewel representing elegant cat’s ears.

cat ears ring

cat ring

These ten cat jewels are your favorite jewels so far. Thank you for being part of the Chat Chou club and thank you for your shares and your opinions!

Your jewelry is part of you, discover our favorites

If the jewelry say a lot about our personality for thousands of years, it is because beyond the work of confection and of shapingthey transmit and express our feelings, our heart. And for many of us they become our lucky charm everyday life and never leave us.

The cat jewelry represent values ​​for the women and men who wear them. For you it may be softness and tenderness, strength and serenity, or this fabulous blend of wild instinct and pleasure…

But what is certain is that these feelings are the most sincere.

You have discovered cat jewellery, but there are other jewels whose message is both strong and powerful. I’m sure you know them too because they are the most beautiful symbol of love and protection: They are the tree of life jewelry.

Finally, in a completely different style, I also invite you to discover the oriental style offered by the Reflet Oriental boutique. You will also find beautiful jewelry with a lot of character.

All prices

There are cat jewelry of all prices and of all qualities.

Unfortunately, the first prices under 10€ are almost always very low quality counterfeits. They are not real silver and wear out very quickly. If you receive such a gift, you may be disappointed.

At the house of Cat Cabbagethe majority of our jewels are in silver 925‰ for a price always lower than 100€ which allows you to obtain orgive as a gifta quality jewelry for a favorable price.

There are, however, cat jewelry in more precious metal such as gold, pink gold or white gold like this ring available at Gemmyo. Count 1€50 for a 925‰ silver ring and €350 for a 750‰ yellow gold ring.

Why choose Chat Chou?

Because Chat Chou currently offers you the widest choice of cat jewelry. From slim and elegant designscharacter, and a single style who make us best online jewelry store for those who love cats.

Everything is done to make your navigation fluid and pleasant. You buy in a clear and secure way in a few clicks. The prices offered are the most attractive on the market given the certain quality of our jewelryand special offers are regularly offered. Deliveries are offered.

Finally, with the ChatChou commitment of a impeccable customer servicewe enjoy a real reputation.

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