What is a Miaoubox box?

European leader in cat boxes

A few days ago, I didn’t really know cat boxes. So I decided to document myself on the subject in order to know a little more about this attractive box!

Miaoubox is a dedicated monthly box exclusively for cats. Its composition includes between 5 and 6 products that cover all the needs of your hairball. In the box you will find treats, accessories, hygiene products and also toysessential to brighten up this period of confinement.

This box costs 19.90 € per month, the cumulative value of the products is higher than €40. So you can please your tomcat without breaking the bank! Several offers and subscriptions are available on the website Miaoubox.com.

The little extra, know that the delivery price is included in the price of the box.

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A personalized box adapted to your feline

You should know that the products are age-appropriatesize, weight of your cat.

In addition, each month, the box is renewed around a theme. For example, that of April was related to Catfish, that of May is related to Spring and Sunny Days. We let you guess the theme of this summer!

A booklet called “Miaoumag” is inside your box. Miaoubox allows you to discover new products but also to enrich your knowledge for the education of your hairy!

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Optimize your game with Miaoubox

You know that playing with your cat helps keep it in shape and that it is well in its paws. But how do you play well with your four-legged friend?

Here are some tips to stimulate your cat using the toys received in your Meowbox gift box.

  • First tip : you can offer him a toy that looks like prey. This game allows your Furry to stimulate his hunting instincts. These toys can be a feathered cane, a stuffed mouse or a ball.
  • Second tip : you have to make it run. For example using a fishing rod or a feather duster you can make your cat roam. Make sure your furry catches the object from time to time so that he does not lose his motivation and his desire to hunt.
  • Third tip : your furball adores and likes to take refuge in cardboard boxes. I can tell you that the cats feel good in the Miaouboxes. Imagine a hut, a castle to recycle the use of your famous blue boxes!

Miaoubox and its action against COVID-19

meowbox against covid 19

The brand launched a donation campaign with #MIAOUDON and #WOUFDON in destination to the AP-HP (Public Assistance to Paris Hospitals). For each order made until the end of April, part of the profits will be donated to support caregivers in this fight against the Coronavirus.

If you also want to support this campaign, do not hesitate to order your first box by indicating the code EVERYONE AGAINSTCOVID.

Miaoubox ensures that despite the quarantine of the country, deliveries are well maintained in compliance with safety standards and health measures. For all orders placed before the 10th of the current month, you will receive your box between the 15th and 25th of the same month!

For example, if you decide to order your box before May 10, your order will arrive between May 15 and May 25.

In the meantime, I can assure you that the box of the month will brighten up your confinement and above all STAY HOME !

Cat Chou Feline!

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