What is your Cat’s real age?

Do cats really have 9 lives? We may never know! What we are sure of, however, is that theage of your cat in human is not always well understood. This age, it’s not enough multiply by 5 to compare it to that of humans…

He evolves during the different phases of your little feline’s life. With a few tips, it will then be very easy to understand and match the age of your cat to yours!

kittens and old cats of all ages

Your cat’s age as a human

For decades, we have liked to represent theage of our cat by a simple calculation. We multiply the age of our cat by 5 and voila.

However, getting a cat’s age as a human by multiplying the cat’s age by 5 is not not a reliable method at all. Besides, why the number 5? We could have chosen 6 or 8?.

how old is my cat

This number is not random.. The life expectancy of a well cared for cat is around 14 to 15 years. That of the human being is about 79 years.

After a very simple calculation: 79 / 15 = 5.2

Easy no!

But like the steps of the life of a cat are different from those of humans, this method only works with a cat over 10 years old.

For example, a 10 year old cat will be about 50 years old as a human and a 15 year old cat will be comparable to a 75 year old human!

growing a cat from kitten to adult size
They are cute aren’t they? Real stuffed animals!

As I told you, our little felines grow up differently from ours. At the beginning of their life, their growth is rapid. About two years later, they begin to age and their growth follows a more regular and progressive evolution.

It is preferable not to be mistaken, to refer to an equivalence table provided for example by veterinarians, and which you can find in this article!

tabby alley cat

To summarize :

  • 1 month – after the birth of the kitten, we will say that its human cats age is 6 months.
  • 6 months – he is comparable to a 10-13 year old child. Both would have comparable growth.
  • 1 year – the kitten becomes a tomcat, reaches majority and becomes an adult cat. This cat would have in human age 18 years
  • 2 years – he is actually 24 years old and starting to age
  • 8 years – he is about 50 years old as a human
  • 10 years – this still vigorous cat is in his sixties!
  • 15 years old – he is a 76-year-old grandpa!
  • 20 years – we can proudly celebrate our 100th anniversary!
age chart of cats in humans

Equivalence table: Theage of a cat in human

How old can a cat live

It’s a question we all ask ourselves and yet it’s also tricky because each breed of cat has its own life expectancy.

However, statistics have shown that domestic cats well fed and well cared for live an average of 15 years. Which means they live to be 76 years old.

Of course, as with humans, some cats go beyond the average and even exceed 20 years!

“Females live longer!”

female pussy in arms

As with humans, pussies usually live Longer than male cats. And yes gentlemen!

Statistics also show that a neutered cat lives in general 1.8 more years than an unneutered cat. Likewise, a sterilized pussy lives 6 more months than an unsterilized cat.

“Cat breeds are more fragile…”

white, red and black ragdoll cat

As with dogs, studies have shown that crossed cats (or gutter) live longer than purebred cats (14 to 15 years versus 12.5 years). This is due to the fact that the selection of the latter makes them more vulnerable, reducing their life expectancy.

Within races, classifications can still be made. A quick little ranking would put the Burmesefollowed by Sacred of Burma (Burmese), Siamese, Persian, ragdoll and of theAbyssinian who unfortunately does not live more than 10 years.

ginger abyssinian cat

How to prolong the age of a domestic cat?

It is not a question of increasing his life expectancy, but of maintaining a course of action that will allow him to reach his true life expectancy.

Maintenance and feeding

First, you have to be strict on maintenance. Taking care of your cat is essential. You have to brush it regularly (once a week if you have a long-haired cat), clean its litter box, help it exercise physically by playing with it (watch out for the claws!) or by offering it a cat toyetc.

And so that he is happy and can have fun without being scolded, consider offering him a scratching post or even better, a cat tree with a scratching post and a hammock!

Then you have to feed him well. A bowl of quality kibble and/or pâté for cats but above all, a well-dosed, healthy and balanced diet to allow them to grow normally and be more resistant to disease.

Food is not always the same for all breeds of cats. Again, ask your veterinarian.

Your cat will be lean and stay strong and vibrant much longer. Finally, his coat will stay soft and silky much longer.

ginger maine coon gets brushed

Vet visits

Secondly, you have to have the cat seen by a veterinarian. After 5 years, cats are more vulnerable to kidney disease and cancer. Regular visits to the veterinarian will update these ailments, in order to better understand them. You must also do vaccinate the catto prevent many diseases.

To find a veterinarian, try the SOS Veto application on your mobile!

kitten at the vet

Secure environment

Finally, you have to offer him a safe and healthy environment. It must be watched to protect it from external dangers. It is also essential to make him play so that he does not gain weight.

Tip: When you brush your cat, take the opportunity to check that it does not contain ticks.

Apart from these general rules, it is also necessary to be attentive to certain important stages in the life of the cat. The moving, stress…are factors that can affect your cat’s happiness. But don’t panic, any good veterinarian will be able to advise you in all situations!

stressed tabby cat

The main life stages of cats

From 0 to 3 months

It’s a sensitive time. Above all, do not separate the kitten from its mother. Wean a kitten too early often presents complications such as difficulty being clean. In addition, care must be taken to give him the first vaccinations.

Between 6 and 9 months

It’s the perfect time to neuter or neuter your kitty. At this age, your cat will be sexually mature. On the other hand, it will be necessary to take care to adapt the food accordingly. This prevents weight gain…

At 8 years old

You have to make sure that the cat has no problem withkidney failure or diabetes. This age is equivalent to 50 years in human age then it is often advisable to adapt your diet again accordingly. The latter should be easier to chew and be lower in calories.

At 15

From this age, it is advisable to go to the vet every year for a health check. The cat will sleep more, then he will need a place of hiswhich is quiet and easily accessible.

fit cat having fun

Know thehuman cat age is therefore quite legitimate. This allows us to better understand his state of form and health, directly linked to his age. The lesson we could take from this is that you have to make the most of every moment spent with this magic animal which is not eternal.

Anyway, we say that cats have several lives…?

Cabbage Cat Feline

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