What to do with your dog in rainy weather?

Whether it’s raining, hot or windy, our dogs are very often affected by climate change. Just like humans, it is necessary to adapt the activities of our pets to these weather variations.

After this period of forced confinement due to COVID-19, we have the opportunity to test several stimulating activities as well intellectually what physically to do at home with your pet.

What to do with your dog in rainy weather?

When a rainy day ruins all plans for going out with your dog, mutual boredom is to be avoided at all costs. This state can have repercussions on the well-being of your animal and its behavior. Canibest behavioral dog trainers suggest some activities to remedy this.

Play hat:

Bonneteau is a very easy game, which requires a few cups and a treat to motivate your dog. This game stimulates the smell of the dog as well as its mental by reward. After having lined up 3 identical cups facing your dog, all you have to do is place a kibble under one of them, showing it to it, then mixing them. The master must then encourage his dog to find the treat.

Repeating this exercise will allow the animal to stimulate its senses and agility. The master must remain vigilant and stop the game if the animal is no longer receptive.

To make the game last, we start with a moderately interesting delicacy (bread dumpling for example) and we increase the attraction to finish with a piece of meat.

A video example with a labrador:


Massage day with your dog:

Stretching and massaging your dog improves blood circulation and releases endorphins. To massage his dog, the master must exert light pressure with his hands on the places that the dog particularly appreciates.

It is also advisable to proceed in this order: the neck, the shoulders, the legs, the chest, the back and finish with the hind legs. However, we must remain vigilant with this practice because we can find contraindications: fever, gestation, digestive disorders, nervous or even dermatological diseases.

Several professionals are specialized in canine massage, in particular Pauline Arnt and can train you in this exercise:


Teach your dog to play the piano

A young New Zealander on YouTube recently took it upon himself to teach his dog to play the piano. After using a positive education method, her dog is now able to play three piano notes.

The latter arranged his keyboard by taping three pieces of cardboard to it, to adapt the piano keys to the paws of his dog. After all this setup, he repeated a reward process with treats to get his dog to press every key. After several attempts, his dog was able to play three notes in a row. It is thus possible to be creative by using positive education on your dog.

Video of Liam Thompson teaching his dog to play the piano:


Hide and seek:

Hide and seek is a fun game to share a moment of complicity with your animal. The dog will also use its hunter and detective skills to try to find the requested items.

To make your pet understand the concept, you must first show where the treat is hidden and then reproduce the exercise differently. After several tries, it will surely be possible to replace the treat with a toy or other accessory.

This game will also allow you to work on recall with your dog.

This video features a very intelligent Labrador Retriever searching for hidden treats in a house. As soon as he locates them by his sense of smell, he sits down to warn these masters. A good example of education.

Doing Yoga with your dog, the doga:

The doga is a pleasure and relaxation activity to be carried out between the master and his dog with the aim of promoting their bond and involving the animal in the postures of Yoga.

You can find out more in detail from our article here.

Familiarize your dog with bubbles

Dogs love to play with bubbles and have fun jumping to pop them. With a little space in his home, introducing his dog to soap bubbles can be a fun activity for him. At first he may be surprised then gradually he will understand that by touching the bubbles will burst.

Rainy weather should not prevent the master and his dog from sticking their heads out of the water. On the contrary, a gray day can offer owners a little more time to devote to their four-legged friend. Of course, the bravest masters will be able to take out their boots, towels or even dog raincoats and accompany their companion for an outdoor walk if the conditions allow it.