Why choose a top-of-the-range food for your cat?

Too many households adopt a kitten thinking that it will be enough to give him some basic kibble in addition to cheese crusts and other leftovers. However, it would be wise to find out beforehand about the nutritional needs of cats: the good health of the animal and the wallet of its masters are at stake since a malnourished cat will fall ill more frequently and will cost more expensive in veterinary costs. Depending on the moments of the cat’s life, it may be good to choose high-end food for its well-being.

If the cat tends to be overweight

Today, many cats are sedentary, that is to say they live in an apartment without going outside beyond the balcony, so they never chase a butterfly and even less a mouse, which greatly limits their physical activity. As a result, as with humans who do not exercise, cats who also have a natural predisposition will tend to gain weight. It will be wise to provide them with a diet which, while remaining perfectly balanced, will provide them with less fat, fewer calories and more fibre.

These so-called “light” croquettes are generally part of the higher ranges. You can also find this kind of cat food at Animalis.

If the cat is sterilized

The cat’s weight gain can also be due to sterilization. In this case, croquettes with a moderate fat content will be welcome for him. In addition, they will be supplemented with various minerals and nutrients intended to strengthen its vitality and the proper functioning of its kidneys (phosphorus, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.).

If the cat digests badly

Like its masters, a cat can be prone to digestive problems. In this case, it will be advised, in particular by your veterinarian, to feed it with kibbles specially adapted to this digestive dysfunction, containing proteins selected for their very high digestibility as well as specific nutrients.

If the cat has food intolerances

If your cat scratches continuously, if he has diarrhea, if he vomits almost chronically, your veterinarian will most certainly diagnose him as intolerant or allergic to certain foods. In this case, for the well-being of your animal, you will inevitably be led to feed it with top-of-the-range croquettes, generally without cereals, replaced by meat and fish proteins, enriched with vitamins and minerals, in particular thanks to seaweed which may be an ingredient in these high quality products.

If the cat is sick

If your cat has pathologies diagnosed by your veterinarian, he will recommend that you adapt his diet by offering him special top-of-the-range croquettes according to the disease: osteoarthritis, urinary problems, gastric problems, constipation, etc.

The characteristics of high-end croquettes

If you yourself have the habit, to feed yourself, of opting for local, unprocessed products, from peasant agriculture, you may have the same requirements for your cat. GMO-free, additive-free, artificial coloring-free, preservative-free, growth hormone-free and antibiotic-free kibbles exist and are the characteristics of high-end products for cats. In all the situations described above, your cat will regain better daily vitality and you will appreciate this change!